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Gordon Chia

Clinical Pharmacist

Hello my name is Gordon, one of the clinical pharmacists based at Roseworth Surgery and The Grove Medical Group.

I qualified as Master of Pharmacy since 2009 and acquired qualification in Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy few years later.

I have completed my pharmacist independent prescribing since 2017 and has been helping patients and clinicians with my skills since then.

team-member-photo Gordon Chia

What I Do

I work alongside with doctors, nurses and support other healthcare professionals to formulate best care and treatment plan and for patients.

I have a special interest in renal-cardio-metabolic subject and is currently reviewing patients with heart failure and raised lipid profile. I also help to manage hypertension patients in my day-to-day practice.

I do structured medication review for patients with complex medical history.

How I Support Patients

Shared decision making with patients is part of my routine practice. I offer professional and friendly patient-centred care.

If patients have any queries regarding pharmacological aspect of a medication, I try my best to give them all the info they need to help.

If patients have concerns regarding a medical condition and it's within my area of practice, I assist patients to reach to a decision by sharing my knowledge and experience with them.

Get in touch

Medication reviews can be done over the phone or face to face for those who like a personal touch.

Patients are usually invited for a review but can self-refer by speaking to their Practice Reception Team, if required.