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Mark Stafford

Integrated Care Clinical Pharmacist

I am an integrated care clinical pharmacist, and my work is to help patients to get the best out of their medication, and I can help with any other questions they might have too. My focus is to ensure that patients’ medication is safe, effective and up-to-date with the latest guidance.

team-member-photo Mark Stafford

What I Do

I work alongside patients to achieve the best outcomes from their medication on an individualised basis.

Anybody with a repeat prescription will need an annual medication review, but sometimes, more detailed reviews can be offered on a more regular basis if a patient has multiple long-term conditions and is taking multiple medications.

How I Support Patients

I offer friendly support with medicines, and through in-depth reviews, I can help patients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

These reviews can be used as an opportunity to include patients in the decision-making around their medicines, helping to increase understanding around medicines and to agree on any adjustments if it is suitable to optimise treatment.

Get in touch

Medication reviews can be done face-to-face or over the phone. Patients are usually invited for a review but can self-refer by speaking to their Practice Reception Team, if required.