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Mark Stafford

I am an integrated care clinical pharmacist, and my work is to help patients to get the best out of their medication, and I can help with any other questions they might have too. My focus is to ensure that patients’ medication is safe, effective and up-to-date with the latest guidance.

Chris Preece

Introduction I’ve been working with North Gosforth PCN as a Pharmacy Technician since October 2020.

Suzanne Lenham

Introduction Since November 2020, I have been working with North Gosforth PCN as a Clinical Pharmacist. I started my career working as a managing pharmacist in community pharmacy. Since then, I have developed my clinical skills, completing the CPPE Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes Pathway and qualifying as an independent prescriber in 2021.

Laura Larrieu

I have a Masters degree in Pharmacy. I have been a registered pharmacist since 2006 and have worked in hospital pharmacy for over 10 years. I have also worked in community pharmacy and in the pharmacy manufacturing sector

Ashling Kinsella

Introduction I’m Ashling Kinsella, the Lead Clinical Pharmacist for North Gosforth Primary Care Network. Before coming to Gosforth in February 2021, I worked in primary care with experience in medicines optimisation and independent prescribing. I have a Masters degree in Pharmacy. I also spent four years with the Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation … Continued

Kristine Hanna

Introduction My name is Kristine Hanna, and I’ve been working as a Pharmacist in the JLG network since April 2021. I’ve got a Masters degree in Pharmacy and have spent more than ten years working in community pharmacies.

Gordon Chia

Hello my name is Gordon, one of the clinical pharmacists based at Roseworth Surgery and The Grove Medical Group. I qualified as Master of Pharmacy since 2009 and acquired qualification in Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy few years later. I have completed my pharmacist independent prescribing since 2017 and has been helping patients and clinicians … Continued

Carol Dolderson

Introduction Hi, I’m Carol. I’m a lead integrated clinical care pharmacist for the network and I’ve been part of the team since late 2020. I have more than 10 years of experience working as a pharmacist in the NHS. This has been in a range of roles, including hospital, medicines information and medicines management. I … Continued