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Clare Matthews

Social Prescribing Link Worker


My Name is Clare Matthews. I joined the Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network in October 2020 as a Social Prescribing Link Worker.

I’ve previously worked as a Social Prescribing Navigator in the East of Newcastle.

team-member-photo Clare Matthews

What I Do

Social Prescribing is still relatively new to the NHS. It is a role borne out of a previously unmet need - patients with non-clinical issues impacting their health and wellbeing.

Social Prescribing is about understanding a patient's specific needs and the issues affecting them - social isolation, mental health, loneliness or frailty.

How I Support Patients

I work with people aged 65 or over who have social issues. During an initial discussion, we’ll talk about their situation, what they would like to do more of, what is holding them back, and what might help.

From there, we’ll put together a personalised plan to help them take steps to achieve their goals. Part of the plan is me linking the patient to appropriate services, groups or activities in their community. Social Prescribers have a raft of resources to get people the support they need, and forging relationships with local groups or organisations is vital.

After setting a plan with a patient, I’ll have regular catch up calls to see how they are progressing and anything else we can do.

Get in touch

To be put in touch with the Social Prescribing Link Worker team, you can ask any member of staff in your GP practice to make a referral.