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NHS Newcastle Talking Therapies

NHS Newcastle Talking Therapies Are you feeling low? Feeling overwhelmed with worry? Do you want to talk to your GP about mental health support? You are not alone. NHS Newcastle Talking Therapies¬†are here to help you get back on track. They offer free and confidential short-term talking therapies to teach you the tools you need … Continued

Newcastle Talking Therapies: Free Event on 6th June

Newcastle Talking Therapies: Free Event on 6th June The Newcastle Talking Therapies service is holding a free event on Tuesday, 6th June. When: Tuesday 6th June, 12pm to 4.30pmWhere: Exhibition Park, Claremont Road, Newcastle, NE2 4PZ Plenty will be going on with games, mindfulness activities, local organisations displaying their services and the Talking Therapies team … Continued

Counselling and talking therapy

Counselling and talking therapy Many people will face challenges throughout their lives. Some of these can be very hard to overcome alone or seem impossible.    Counselling can help explore a problem and better understand how it impacts the self.    Many people often store up negative emotions, affecting relationships with others and causing anger or resentment.    … Continued