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Behind the scenes of a GP practice. Come and meet the team.

Behind the scenes of a GP practice. Come and meet the team. Did you know that, as well as Doctors, other health professionals in GP Practice can help you get the right care? General Practice teams included people like nurses, paramedics, and clinical pharmacists.  However, a recent survey found that many people don’t realise that … Continued

Celebrating Social Prescribing Day

Celebrating Social Prescribing Day Today is Social Prescribing Day. Since 2019, the day has been set aside to celebrate Social Prescribing Link Workers and local and national organisations that work to support our overall health and well-being. It is also a chance to highlight and introduce social prescribing to people who may not be familiar … Continued

New Community Groups

New Community Groups We have details of three exciting new community groups to share with you. You can find other groups and events, including Cuppa Club, a friendly chat group for people 65+ run by our own Social Prescribing Link Workers, by going to the Resources page on our website, and picking Groups/Events from the … Continued

Supporting You After a Cancer Diagnosis

Supporting You After a Cancer Diagnosis It’s a sad fact that every year, 393,000 people in the UK are given the news that they have cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support says that 3 million people are living with cancer, with that number continuing to rise. While it is news nobody wants to hear, we want to … Continued

Prescribing Warmth This Winter

Prescribing Warmth This Winter With the clocks having changed and the weather cold and wet, many of us will already have decided to put our heating back on. Keeping our homes warm and feeling cosy and comfortable also helps keep us healthy as the temperatures outside drop. If you have asthma or another chronic condition … Continued

Fancy a cuppa?

Fancy a cuppa? Groups and Get-Togethers for Older People We wanted to let people know about some new community groups that our Network Social Prescribing team are involved in. The groups are friendly, informal ways for people with shared interests to get together, enjoy each other’s company and chat over a cuppa and a cake. … Continued

How we are working to support housebound people

How we are working to support housebound people In the last 12 months, we’ve shared many articles about our Primary Care Network, or PCN. In many of them, tackling health inequalities has been a prominent theme. What we mean by health inequalities is everyone has access to the same services, treatments, and outcomes. It’s part … Continued

Primary Care Networks: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Primary Care Networks Here are some straightforward answers to some of the most common questions about Primary Care Networks.  What does PCN stand for?  A PCN is a Primary Care Network. Why do I need to know about PCNs?  There are two main reasons to tell patients about our network:  Firstly, … Continued

How Social Prescribing helps people at risk of frailty 

How Social Prescribing helps people at risk of frailty One of the stated aims of Primary Care Networks, when the NHS introduced them in 2019, was a focus on preventative health care. By intervening before someone becomes unwell or their health problems increase, we can keep our population healthier for longer.   This proactive approach benefits … Continued