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Think Pharmacy First

Think Pharmacy First Going to your local pharmacy offers an easy and convenient way to get clinical advice on minor health concerns. Now, community pharmacies can offer treatment for seven common conditions without patients needing to see a GP, as part of a major transformation in the way the NHS delivers care. Highly trained pharmacists … Continued

Quick help for more conditions at your local pharmacy´┐╝

Quick help for more conditions at your local pharmacy Your local pharmacist can now help you and your family with even more common illnesses and ailments. Launched last week, the new scheme, Pharmacy First Advanced, means you can get help directly from a community pharmacy for seven more conditions. Scroll down for full details, or … Continued

Clarifying Shingles Vaccination Eligibility

Clarifying Shingles Vaccination Eligibility You may have seen some coverage on Good Morning Britain today about the shingles vaccine. We wanted to clarify the eligibility criteria, as it seemed to be causing some confusion in responses online. From 1st September 2023, the eligibility has been extended, but this is a phased rollout meaning the eligibility … Continued