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Just a Minute: Making it Easy for People with Hidden Disabilities to Ask for Patience

Just. A. Minute. That is what JAM Card stands for and that is what it gives you – just as much time and patience as you need in public or social situations.

JAM Card allows people with a hidden disability or communication barrier to tell others that they need extra time and understanding in a private and easy way.

Available for free in card or app form, JAM Card is a discreet, silent and easy device for telling others that you need ‘Just A Minute’ in any scenario.

When making your card, you can choose from a number of different messages, depending on what you want to tell people – whether it’s in a GP surgery, a shop, or anywhere else.

It was originally developed by and for those with learning difficulties and disabilities but has now expanded to include anyone with a hidden disability or communication barrier when they need more patience and space in a given situation.

Despite its simplicity, JAM Card has grown into one of the leading accessibility and inclusion tools for its service users. There are now over 1,800 JAM Card businesses and 85,000 service users across the world.