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New Specialist Clinic for Children with Wheezes

We have recently started a new clinic for children and young people with wheezes.

Our network Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Catherine Leonard, will have regular Tuesday morning appointments for patients at all 7 GP practices in Gosforth and Jesmond.

Catherine is part of our Same Day Access (SDA) team, which sees patients with acute issues like infections, severe coughs or tonsilitis that need to be assessed that day. All SDA appointments are held at JHP’s 200 Osborne Road in Jesmond.

Who the Clinic is for

We are trialling the Paediatric Wheeze Clinic for six months, and appointments are linked to Catherine’s availability. So, there are clear criteria for who can be booked into the Clinic.

Here are some examples of children who could be booked for an appointment:

  • Aged between 1 and 16 with a viral wheeze (a whistling sound when breathing out caused by a cough, cold or chest infection, or asthma
  • Recently had a new diagnosis of asthma, and would benefit from help with inhaler technique or a making ‘wheeze plan’ for when symptoms get worse
  • Have been issued a ‘Rescue Pack’ to help manage their symptoms        
  • Have recently been to an Urgent Care Centre or admitted to hospital with acute wheeze symptoms

When the Clinic is not an option

As part of the criteria, some people can’t be seen as part of the wheeze clinic.

This includes:

  • Babies under one year old
  • Young people over 16

For annual asthma reviews, you should continue to attend when we invite you. Wheeze Clinics appointments aren’t for yearly reviews.

If you or someone you care for has an acute wheezing issue or symptoms that have got worse, you might be seen as part of our Same Day Access service.

Booking Appointments

As we mentioned, this is a trial and appointments are linked to one specialist member of our network team and shared across seven practices.

That’s why our practice teams must book appointments at the Wheeze Clinic rather than patients directly. If an appointment at the Wheeze Clinic would benefit you or a child or young person you look after, please get in touch with your practice as you normally would.