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Gosforth and Jesmond Health

What is Gosforth and Jesmond Health?

Gosforth and Jesmond Health (GJH) is a Limited Company that operates both North Gosforth and Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Networks.

We incorporated in May 2022.

Why a Limited Company?

Delivering high-quality, localised primary care at scale has been a central aim of Primary Care Networks.

Our two networks have always worked closely together, and formalising this collaborative approach is the next logical step in delivering innovative, patient-focused care.

Incorporating as a company gives us the structure and flexibility to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our patient population.

Gosforth and Jesmond Health is centred solidly in the NHS.

Who runs GJH?

The Gosforth and Jesmond Health team have a wealth of clinical and operational experience in the NHS.

Our Directors are:

  • Dr Guy Clements, GP Partner at The Grove and Clinical Director, Jesmond Lower Gosfoth PCN.
  • Dr Ben Davies, GP Partner at Jesmond Health Partnership and Clinical Director, Jesmond Lower Gosfoth PCN.
  • Dr Sarah Rae, GP Partner at Brunton Park and Clinical Director, North Gosforth PCN.
  • Vicky Watson, Managing Director of GJH, and Practice Manager at Jesmond Health Partnership
  • Tom Lee, Financial Director of GJH.

Our People

Meet our team and find out more about their roles, responsibilities and how they work to help patients.